LABELED            LOVE


                       FIRST LOVE. TRUE LOVE. ONLY LOVE


I was twelve years old when I met him. I guess you could say opposites attract. We didn't know it then. Or, maybe we did, but we didn't care. It's not easy growing up in Los Angeles. Well, for me it was. But, not for him.

I'm a Hollywood girl, born and raised in the business.
I have everything I've ever needed, and only ever wanted…him. Jace James, the boy from the wrong side of town. He had my heart from the moment I met him. 

Is it possible to find your forever love when you're thirteen? Maybe not for most, but I did. Shay Stark. The bright, blue-eyed, sassy girl with the prettiest face I had ever seen. One look and I was mesmerized.

I'm just a boy raised in the pits of Los Angeles with no dad, and a drunk for a mother. I’m lucky if I can find a pocket full of change for a bus ride to spend time with her. 
I have nothing
and have only ever wanted her.

Worlds apart
Miles away

It would only be her
It would only be him


I would fight to keep Shay and me together

But would everything that he’s been fighting for tear us apart?


                                     “Do you love me, baby?

                  AN AMAZON





For the last seven years, I’ve fought to be with Shay. Through every obstacle I faced, we stood strong, true, our love couldn’t be broken, and right when we were about to start living our lives together, I screwed everything up. I let Shay down, and the price I have to pay is being separated from her. Time that doesn’t allow me to be there for her when she needs me the most.

Everything happened at once. Jace ripped away. Our song. My name on the radio. Tabloids and lies. Jace wouldn’t let me see him, I was heartbroken and in love without my boy by my side. I needed him. I wanted him to be the one standing by my side. Things weren’t supposed to be this way, but reasoning with Jace’s protective side has always been impossible. 

While my boy’s world stopped,
My girl’s kept going.

Promises would be made,
And some would be broken.

There was only one question that he ever needed answered.
There was only one answer that she ever needed to say.

I’ve clung to his question.
I’ve clung to her answer.

He’ll have to prove himself.
She’ll have to let me.

                                      “Do you still love me, baby?”