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Music is a huge part of my writing process. I love to get lost in a song. My daughter is a singer/ songwriter and has played a huge role in what has inspired Jace and Shay's story. The tone of the piano or guitar being played can easily set the vibe of a scene. I play the same songs over and over when I'm inspired. I'm very lucky that my daughter plays throughout the house keeping the tone going as I write. 

Here are some of the songs that I listened to on repeat.  
My daughters songs will come later as they are recorded:)

Beating Heart: Ellie Goulding

Bad Intentions :Niykee Heaton

A Drop in The Ocean: Ron Pope

Heart of Stone: IKO

Hold On: Shel, Garth Dunlop

One: Ed Sheeran

Photograph: Ed Sheeran

Electric Feel: MGMT

Gravity: Sara Bareilles

Hanging On: Ellie Goulding

Not About Angels: Birdy

People Helping people: Birdy

Sorry: Justin Bieber

My Words: Justin Bieber

To Build A Home:  The Cinematic Orchestra

Over and Over Again: Nathan Sykes

Move Together: James Bay

Let It GO: James Bay

Never Say Never: The Fray

Kiss Me Slowly: Parachute

I Know You: Skylar Grey

Come Home: One Republic

Boston: Augustana

Heal: Tom Odell

Just to name a few



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