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Danielle Rocco writes the sweetest romance stories. When I read Labeled Love, I couldn’t wait to get book 2. And it wasn’t just because of that cliffhanger (though that had something to do with it). I really just wanted more of Shay and Jace and their swoony and sweet love story. Love letters, pink construction paper, love songs, names in the sand, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and heart shaped love will always remind me of them. I had high hopes that this book would be just as good as the first and it didn’t disappoint. 

If you’ve read Labeled Love, you know Jace and Shay were torn apart and our hearts were complete broken for them both. After reading the first few chapters of this book, I was in tears for Jace and Shay both. It was such a hard spot they were both in, but they handled it with as much grace and dignity as they could. 


What I love most about Shay is her undying loyalty and love. She knows the kind of man she has in Jace and she is completely devoted to him, as he is to her. You don’t see that so often in books, especially with the ages of these two and the situation they were put in. They honestly did the best they could with the hand they were dealt and something that would tear most relationships apart only made these two stronger. Not to say it was easy, it wasn’t. There were things that were especially hard on each of them, but with their true and undying love, they’ll always make it through. 

“Real love will always come with sacrifice. It’s when it doesn’t that you know it’s not real.”


What I love most about Jace… can I just say everything? He is one of those heroes that is seriously perfect and almost too good to be true. I was almost happy to see that he made a few mistakes in this story. He’s only human. It didn’t make me love him less, quite the opposite. I loved his strength and determination, how he came from nothing, but somehow became everything to someone like Shay. He is truly a wonderful hero. 

Jace and Shay together make me smile. I can’t imagine either one of them with anyone else. They have that kind of love. It’s unbreakable, unyielding and meant to be. 
“Do you love me, baby? Do you, Shay? Do you love me, baby?”

“More than anything, Jace. I love you more than anything.”


As much as I love Jace and Shay, I also loved so many of the secondary characters. Shay’s parents, Melody and Steven were amazing as always. I love Jace’s friend Landon, and I grew to love his mom, Grace, so much. I disliked her in the first book, but her changes and growth were beautiful. And OMG Jules and Beau. Their love/hate relationship… gah! I need their book! I love Danielle’s writing style. It’s got this fantastic flow and this quality that makes you hope her stories never end. 

The conclusion of Jace and Shay’s story was epic. It was so beautiful and heartwarming. There was some angst there in the middle, but I never doubted the love these two had for one another. By the end, my heart was happy and full and all I felt was love. This is a wonderful YA (with a touch of NA in this second book) story I hope more people will pick up because it truly is a special kind of love that these two have.

What can I say, but Danielle Rocco knows how to deliver us "PERFECTLY PERFECT PERFECTION" Questionable Love picks up right where Labeled Love leaves us with that CLIFF-of-a-HANGER. Rocco gives us an epic journey into what it truly means to find your Soulmate, and believe you're worth each other's love. Jace and Shay are the true epitome of what "TRUE LOVE" represents... Shay loves hard! While Jace loves harder! My heart broke for Jace and Shay and the obstacles thrown their way, yet pink hearted love notes put me all back together on their journey of UNENDING LOVE. Jace is the true definition of swoon and devotion, and shows Shay through their Happily Ever Firsts, that real men, even fictional, are out there. I believe because Rocco makes you believe!

"Why would I ever want to test the waters when I'm already swimming in the perfect sea?" Jace James

I couldn't put Questionable Love down because every scene just drew me in further, and even when I thought I had it all, I got more, and then some... Oh! and Rocco gave me one of the most MADDENING-SWOONY love scenes EVER!!!! I couldn't help but wish I was Shay in that moment...

Not only does Rocco give us Jace and Shay, she gives us Beau and Jules, and the rest of the Stark clan... One might say they're secondary characters, but I say they were a part of Jace and Shay's journey. It's a first for me to call them a clan of family members whom I felt were one hell of an addition to this ride I was on. I can't wait for what's to come, especially for Mr. Beau Stark and Ms. Jules Thorn... I NEED them NOW!!!!

So, what am I saying? I'm saying go out and get a Love Beyond Labels Duet, and start this journey NOW! Danielle Rocco has proven she can write one hell of a YA love story, and I can't wait to see what Rocco brings to the Contemporary NA genre.

Mrs. Danielle Rocco you've hooked me with your words, and I'm one hell of a fan girly of your writing!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give me Beau and Jules NOW.... One hungover, patiently waiting fan!

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